Center Information

The LRC Premises is a 1700 Square Meters, Six-Floors Building Located in the Faculty of Medicine Campus.

  • Lecture Romms & Auditorium.
  • Three Lecture 100 Seats.
  • One Auditorium 500 Seats.
  • Two Auditorium 250 Seats.

Surgical Labs 

  • Wet Surgical Labs & OR (10 OR Tables)
  • Dry Lab (8 Rooms)
  • Laparoscopic Stations (14 Station)

Information Technology

  • Servers Farm
  • Internet connections,  Wifi
  • LAN connections
  • Computers Labs

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The American Association of Continuing Medical Education

Full Accreditation

The Learning Resource Center 

Learning by Doing

Courses Announce

Cairo University, Faculty of Medicine 


Kasr Al Ainy Life Support


  • Clinical Skills
  • Surgical Skills
  • GI Endoscopy Skills
  • Bronchoscopy Skills
  • Laparoscopic Skills
  • Urology Skills
  • Gynecology Skills
  • Neurosurgery Skills
  • Orthopaedics Skills
  • Trauma Courses ETC - ATLS- ATOM

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the “ideal standard”for the learning environment.The LRC is dedicated to providing an educational environment that combines stimulating academic study, effective skills training, and sound research procedures.The LRC is devoted to introducing a “learner-centered” environment that offers an efficient and more distributed pattern of learning meeting the global standards of “Continuing Professional Development”.

Our Vision 

We aspire to provide our students, faculty and employees with the means and methods to become outstanding contributors to the advancement of our institution to regain its position as a leading medical education provider in the region and worldwide.

What We Do

LRC at Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University is a pioneering learning center of excellence Phase one (First three floors) is already functional, providing innovative educational aids and Product for the undergraduate medical students at Cairo University and Post Graduate Medical Personnel in Egypt , Middle East and Africa. The facility also hosts several educational projects funded by different international and national agencies and fully supported by the Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine.